My name is Keith Petri. Welcome to my website. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me, my insights, my work, and my passions.


I am currently the Chief Strategy Officer (US) for Screen6. Based in the Netherlands, Screen6 is the company creating the industry standard for building cross-device identities. Screen6 supports ad-tech vendors in managing their cross-device data, and allows them to execute successful cross-device strategies.

In addition to my efforts to improve the consumer experience engaging with marketers, I am General Partner in an early stage fund which focuses on digital media and mobile technology companies in the New York City area. Learn more about Gambit Ventures.

Previously, I acted as the VP Strategic Partnerships at IgnitionOne, a global leader in cloud-based digital marketing technology providing a world-class proprietary platform and expert services to improve digital marketing performance. I landed here after Human Demand was acquired in August of 2014, where I was the SVP Strategic Partnerships at Human Demand, which was the leading independent mobile Demand Side (DSP) & Data Management Platform (DMP) company providing mobile audience solutions to advertisers. Human Demand had acquired eDealya, where I was the SVP, Business Development. eDealya was a technology that enables marketers to respond to social intent with an in-context, on-time, and relevant mobile advertisement. Based in Israel, eDealya has received funding from Nielsen, the Israeli Government, as well as private investors and has established contracts with leading advertising technology platforms empowering both mobile targeting from social segments and omni-channel marketing.

Prior to my work with eDealya I founded a number of businesses focused on technology and market inefficiencies. educates businesses and organizations across verticals on how to best leverage data and new technology to increase revenues, build customer loyalty, minimize costs, and streamline processes. retained and serviced 47 clients within the first 18 months – securing six-figure revenue within the first 12 months.

iGottaGuide (acquired by GetYourGuide) connects you with locals who want to guide you around their city, giving you the authentic experience. While the best way to experience a new city is like a local, connecting with a local expert willing to share his insight and, more importantly his time, was not something easily accessible. As my first attempt at a scaleable technology startup, I made a number of mistakes and chose to publicly reflect to hold myself accountable, learn, and avoid repeating them in the future.


I like to think of myself as an innovator. In middle school our class was given the task of selling boxes of candy to our peers, parents, and community members in order to lower the cost of our 8th grade trip. A box cost $20, but sold for $40 (100% markup). As a result, the net profit was split between the student’s individual cost for the trip and the school’s expenses. The trip cost roughly $300, but by the time our balances were due, the school owed me money – that means I sold over 1,200 candy bars.

Throughout high school I continued to approach my life’s challenges in a creative yet rational manner. While working for both For Him Magazine (FHM) and Glazer Design I was exposed to conventional advertising methods and client-customer relationships. Soon afterwards, I was exposed to, and eventually in charge of, a strong direct marketing strategy executed through weekly e-mail campaigns for Englewood Wine Merchants. I eventually implemented these various tools to build my own successful freelance design and photography business.

During my undergrad at Skidmore College I took time to better understand my underlying interest in marketing, explored new things, and traveled overseas. I truly began to understand how psychology, and more specifically Freud, Fromm, Horney and Becker’s theories, related to marketing and consumer behavior – understanding why people do what they do when they do it. I started to play ultimate frisbee after a childhood enjoying hockey and soccer. I lived in Galway, Ireland and took full advantage of the ease of travel around the EU.


My family and friends are very important to me. I am based in NYC, but travel frequently for work. I am an avid runner and have always enjoyed art in the form of sketching, painting, and graffiti. My favorite artist is Keith Haring.

If you are located in or visiting NYC and want to talk business strategy, technology, or advertising, drink tea, love food, play golf, or pretty much anything else, don’t hesitate to reach out.