The advertising ecosystem is challenged with the continuous disintermediation of media consumption across a growing number of channels. Consumers are interacting with content and brands on more and more devices prior to converting – making it increasingly difficult for proper attribution. While digital disrupted offline marketing and direct mail, the Internet of Things, including smartwatches and smart cars, Connected and Over-the-Top TV, etc. are adding noise (and opportunity!) to the digital advertising ecosystem.

Clearly the challenge marketers face is the ability to identify an individual across all of his/her devices. With multiple digital identifiers on a single device, and an average of 3 to 4 devices per person (1), this is no trivial task. If solved, the capability of a cross device understanding would enable platforms in the advertising technology field to reconcile profiles across devices to represent the individual as a whole, frequency cap across all channels, and provide analytics and attribution representing True Reach (credit: Screen6).

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