02 Dec

Holiday Parties | Gain Connections, Not Pounds!

It is the beginning of December and thus, the holiday spirit is in full swing. If you are currently unemployed or working your first job post-graduation it would be of value to your future to use holiday gatherings to expand your network.

With 80% of jobs being secured through networking, potential candidates can increase their chances of working their dream job by growing their network. Regardless of whether your holiday parties are corporate or family gatherings, being prepared to talk with others about your career aspirations may lead to an unexpected introduction and/or opportunity. Here are a few tips to help you enjoy the holiday season while maintaining a professional image:

  • Elevator Pitch: A traditional 30-second introduction outlining your qualifications for work and skills applicable to the position you seek.
  • Business/Calling Card: Invitation to connect after the event.
  • Carry a Pen: Allows for you to jot down notes about your discussion with an individual.
  • Etiquette: Unless you are only surrounded by immediate family and close friends you must maintain a professional image. Remember to limit your alcoholic beverages, mind your manners while eating and dress appropriately.
  • More Information: Networking 101

Take advantage of the opportunity to meet your family friends and learn about their industry. You may be surprised at what you learn. For all you know, John, your friendly neighbor, may be connected to the CEO of your dream company…