28 Feb

Applying to College | Find Out Your Chances of Enrollment

It seems like ages ago when I began my college search. Even as early as my sophomore year at Tenafly High School my parents forced me to begin taking tours of campuses. Tagging along at my older brother’s heels (a Senior in High School at the time), I anxiously awaited seeing the pre-approved dorm room of a current student – as it was the main attribute I was interested in for my undergraduate education, the freedom of living under my-own-roof!

Times have changed and I graduated from Skidmore College, a small liberal arts school in upstate New York. While the dorms are considered palaces (Princeton Review), I truly enjoyed the wide variety of classes I was eligible to take even while pursuing a Bachelor of Science Degree for Management & Business, with minors in both Studio Art and Economics. However, it was the classes I took outside of my focuses that I remember being the most valuable: Exercise Science, Introduction to Psychology, Personality and my favorite, Buzz – A Visual Culture of Caffeine.

I had a relatively easy application process. I filled out the Early Decision application to Skidmore and was accepted. However, this is not the case for many applicants to the nearly 2,400 four-year universities located domestically. That is why I found a new Facebook app called AdmissionSplash so intriguing. By simply pulling from you Facebook profile and answering a few targeted questions, this unique application will determine your chances of securing enrollment at the higher learning educations you choose!

1. Make a College List 2. Tell us what makes you, you! 3. Find out your college chances!

An article published by Mashable last week, covering the launch of AdmissionSplash stated some pretty surprising statistics. While many may deem this program untrustworthy, it has actually customized equations for about 1,500 schools from data their admissions offices released. Furthermore, the application neglects to take into account admission essays, extra-curricular activities and on-site interviews. Regardless, “in the case of UCLA, Approximately 85% of students the app said would get admitted actually did.”

So, what are your chances? Find out today…


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