provides small to midsize businesses, professionals and individuals with unique assets and strategies to fortify an online presence, aimed toward achieving commercial and personal goals. We tailor easy-to-manage solutions, spanning digital and social media. Importantly, we take the conversation offline as well, by administering full-agency traditional media services. We educate our clients, one-on-one, on how to build connections and grow their business. Contact to learn more. works with small businesses across verticals on how to best utilize new technology to increase revenues, build customer loyalty, and minimize costs. focuses on leveraging data – whether it is gathered previously or through online listening tools – to develop strategies for its clients. All deliverables are clearly laid out in actionable reports. While some clients have the capabilities to implement our recommendations, others use us as an agency to complete the proposed work. was started by myself in April of 2011 and has worked with clients ranging from a corner deli to a chain of 30 charter schools in the Northeast. We have taken on projects as small as redesigning a menu for a local restaurant to developing an advance hiring algorithm utilized to determine the likelihood of a job candidate to succeed both in the long and short term at a business.

I have had the pleasure of working with Keith for a few years. He is among the most professional people I interact with and has me fully convinced that he can do just about anything. A decade from now his LinkedIn profile will be full of impressive accomplishments and strong recommendations.

Christopher Webb, CEO at ChowNow