Design & Photography

Keith Petri | Design & Photography started as a passion for photography. I began by photographing dress rehearsals of my high school’s theatre performances. After one of the actresses parents purchased the images for $250, I knew I could turn my love into a viable business. I approached the school board and proposed an arrangement: they would receive images of all school performances free of charge and I was permitted to sell them to the parents and keep the profits.

What began as a hobby turned into my first successful business. I started with the school plays, but quickly began expanding into sporting events, concerts, and other activities outside of school. When sales began to consume the majority of my time, I invested in a full-fledge, e-commerce website solution for professional photographers, Exposure Manager. All orders were automatically printed, branded with my copyright, and shipped to the customer.

Customers from school events began to inquire about private parties, head shots, and freelance media jobs. I became a staff member at Wainscot Media and North Jersey Media Group.

Photography is still my passion. View my life through a lens, here.