eBranding Me

eBranding Me informs Generation Y about online privacy and social responsibility through on-site lectures and a supporting website. We also act as a resource for educators, providing curriculum to inform students how to create a positive online presence and avoid the dangers of damaging their reputation online.


We connected with Keith here at Skidmore when — a few weeks before hosting our own ‘Social Media Summit’ for invited faculty and staff — we saw what an outstanding job he was doing with the launch of eBranding Me. We figured that Keith — as a member of the Skidmore College of 2010 — would not only be the perfect person to lead a social-media training session, but would also be able to paint for us a highly authoritative, first-person report on how our young alumni are using these new tools. And we were right. Keith has an astute grasp of the importance of social media both in self-marketing and institutional marketing, and communicates it well. We’re continuing to work with him on an interactive initiative focused on alumni in LinkedIn.

Dan Forbush, Executive Director of Communications at Skidmore College