[Acquired by Human Demand]

eDealya provides brands and advertisers the ability to better understand their customers and instantly personalize an individual’s experience. We believe that businesses can benefit from not only understanding static attributes (i.e. age, gender, income, etc.), but dynamic attributes (i.e. planning a vacation, upcoming birthday, returning to school, and other life-events) that affect a consumer’s buying behavior through shifting his immediate need. Through my work with eDealya I hope to provide convenience to consumers and further insight to businesses wanting to better understand their customers.

eDealya has received funding from Nielsen, the Israeli Government, as well as private investors.


I’ve known Keith since he led partnerships for eDealya, a company that I owned and sat on the board of through Nielsen Innovate in Israel. Keith impressed me with his market knowledge, ability to simplify complex technology concepts and his drive to win. eDealya and some of Keith’s subsequent work has been in digital ad tech, but his real strength is his ability to get up to speed on any new category. As a result, even through the sale of eDealya, we have remained in frequent contact and Keith is always thinking three turns ahead. He has been successful in his subsequent endeavors and I continue to try to find ways to work with this very talented person. I highly recommend Keith for any rapidly growing organization that is looking for a strong intellect, high energy and someone capable of delivering tangible results.

Bruce Haymes, SVP Corporate Development and Venture Investing at Nielsen