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iGottaGuide connects you with locals who want to guide you around their city, giving you the authentic experience. Truly travel, don’t be a tourist.

We mean it, take off the fanny pack, lose the Hawaiian shirt*, and unglue your eye from your camcorders’ viewfinder. It’s time to give back the cheap plastic headsets with their prerecorded audio tours. It’s time to stop following men in bright shirts telling stale jokes. It’s time to get shown around by the people who know a city best—the very people who live there.

Nobody knows your city better than you do. You’ve got the ins and outs of your neighborhood memorized. You know the best stores to shop, the best bars to crawl and who serves up the best slices of pizza.

When you travel, that is what you want, and if you’re a local with a passion, iGottaGuide wants you to share it.

*(if it’s Friday you can keep the Hawaiian shirt)


Keith is a talented and *highly* motivated entrepreneur and business development executive. I’ve gotten to know him over the last several years and is drive and energy and ability to learn and move forward are second to none.

David Levy, EIR at Comcast Ventures