The Skidmore Spur

As President of the Skidmore Photography Club, I produced this provocative calendar as a fund-raiser.

As president of the Skidmore Photography Club, I sought to give back to the community that supports our artists by producing a provocative calendar featuring Skidmore students. Unfortunately, my chosen charity, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, deemed the project too risqué to accept the proceeds. This unforeseen, and frankly bemusing, rejection created a flurry of media coverage. My inbox was immediately inundated with notes from the community and charities across the country. I donated the funds to The Giving Circle, a local charity that helps communities in need, both domestic and abroad.


Keith’s time as president of the Skidmore Photo Club was strong for the club. His leadership transformed the club to a small group of people taking pictures to one of the more well known clubs on campus. Through advertising, clever events and the production of the Skidmore Spur calendar he led the club through a successful year.

Robin Adams, Associate Director of Leadership Activities at Skidmore College