I have had the pleasure of working with Keith for a number of years, twice in a partner relationship and, after Samba TV acquired Screen6, in a co-worker relationship. In co-workers and business partners, I value intellect, preparation, honesty, collaboration and a results-driven mindset; Keith has all of these in spades. And, on top of that, he’s a good person. I’ve worked with hundreds of people in business development and sales capacities over the years including professionals at places like Yahoo, Microsoft, Genentech, Amgen and Kantar. In terms of deep knowledge of the product suite and broader industry ecosystem, I would easily place Keith in the top 1%. I recommend him and would work with him again without any hesitation.

Ken Mallon, SVP and Head of Data Products at Samba TV

Keith was instrumental in evangelizing the go to market strategy for identity management within the Australian market. He is a strategic executive who leads with a proactive and dynamic mindset. His global focus meant that the geographic proximity between the US and Australia was never felt by myself or our clients. Keith has an adaptable communication style and was able to forge meaningful relationships easily both internally and externally to the business. I look forward to working with Keith again in the future, he is an inclusive leader who thrives in a fast paced environment where customer success is at the center of the business.

Yasmin Sanders, Founder at Zipp Media Solutions

I’ve known Keith since he led partnerships for eDealya, a company that I owned and sat on the board of through Nielsen Innovate in Israel. Keith impressed me with his market knowledge, ability to simplify complex technology concepts and his drive to win. eDealya and some of Keith’s subsequent work has been in digital ad tech, but his real strength is his ability to get up to speed on any new category. As a result, even through the sale of eDealya, we have remained in frequent contact and Keith is always thinking three turns ahead. He has been successful in his subsequent endeavors and I continue to try to find ways to work with this very talented person. I highly recommend Keith for any rapidly growing organization that is looking for a strong intellect, high energy and someone capable of delivering tangible results.

Bruce Haymes, SVP Corporate Development and Venture Investing at Nielsen

Keith is meticulous in his work. I know very few people with his drive, inherent need to understand all aspects of an industry, and his ability to use his knowledge to identify strategic business opportunities. As the face of our business in the US, Keith brings together a rare set of skills and experience. From Board management to C-level sales, Keith’s professionalism and communication skills enable him to manage relationships, grow our business, and represent our business at industry events. Keith’s initiative resulted in eDealya’s growth within the Mobile Ad Tech industry.

Chaim Zucker, CEO at eDealya

Keith is a proactive and ambitious business leader. He was hired to take the company from a proven technology to a profitable, scaleable business with an established brand name in the vertical. Keith impressed both myself and my co-founder – in addition to our board – with his ability to steer the company in the mobile space, discovering opportunities to create value for existing and new customers. Through his efforts, eDealya secured new strategic partnerships and opened up new revenue channels. Keith not only proved himself as an outstanding executer, but he was an amazing colleague as well. This guy knows how to make an impact.

Ophir Sweiry, CTO at eDealya

As a fellow Skidmore College alum, I’ve known Keith for several years and have always been impressed by his work ethic, professionalism and overall business acumen. I’ve watched Keith start his own company, work in Biz Dev and dive into the Ad Tech industry. Throughout his career he has faced every challenge with determination and an open mind, and he has consistently found success. He’s the kind of guy that will be successful at whatever he puts his mind to.

Andrew Eifler, Chief of Staff at AppNexus

I have had the pleasure of working with Keith for over three years as part of his involvement with the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship in New York City, and among the many qualities that he has shown that has impressed me, I have perhaps been most struck by his ability to ‘roll with the punches’ and to stick to the goal, in spite of the numerous growing pains our office has encountered as we have attempted to make a significant impact in NYC. Keith has been there almost from the start of my tenure at NFTE and throughout these three years, he has proven to be an enthusiastic, focused, smart and ‘nicely-intense’ volunteer and board member. Were it not for the perseverance and dedication of young New Yorkers like Keith, organizations like ours would not be able to get a toehold and move ahead in a very competitive environment. Keith, by thinking and acting creatively and decisively has been integral to our plan to grow our footprint, and he has been a friend and guide to countless students as a speaker, mentor and friend. Although we are thankful for all our volunteers, it’s those like Keith who year-in and year-out help give us the confidence to keep pushing ahead no matter what. I am grateful for all he has done for NFTE and for the professional, steady ways which he has done it.

Terry Bowman, Executive Director at NFTE New York Metro

I’ve worked with Keith through NFTE NY Metro over the past three years. He has contributed to NFTE’s programs as a guest speaker, business plan coach, competition judge, and, most importantly, as a Chair on NFTE NY Metro’s Junior Board. Keith is extremely enthusiastic about his work and is dedicated to ensuring that all NFTE students are successful. His candor enables him to connect with students and build meaningful relationships that impact their personal and academic development. Outside of the classroom, Keith’s thoughtful approach to planning enables Board initiatives to be executed in an organized manner, ensuring the long-time success of the committee’s efforts.

Jordan Runge, Program Director at NFTE

Keith and I work together on the NFTE Ventures Board, which I Chair. Keith brings a disciplined, measured focus to our decision making and is someone I know I can count on to execute those decisions. He has been instrumental in setting the group’s digital and organizational strategies and drives valuable, long-term connections for us.

Evan Eichhorn, Real Estate Tax Services at Ernst & Young

As a former member of the CNSLT.us team, I can speak to Keith’s management style. The environment he fostered afforded us the flexibility and freedom to approach problems creatively using our own perspectives and ideas. Keith never micromanaged us, but his oversight always kept us on track. He was always available for advice, direction, and help in coming up with solutions to our clients’ problems. He knew when to push us for more and when it was a good time for a short game of pool to recharge and refocus. It was a pleasure to work under Keith at CNSLT.us. I was able to grow a lot while working with Keith and years later he remains a trusted adviser to me.

Kiyo Egashira, Marketing Research Associate at CNSLT.us

Having worked with Keith for over a year now on several projects, I feel compelled to write this recommendation. Keith has been instrumental in the growth of our merchant processing company thanks to his exceptional professionalism, networking/referral abilities and overall business acumen. His organizational skills, attention to detail and execution have been remarkable. Keith has helped immensely by initiating and helping to foster key business relationships that will benefit me for years to come. It has been a pleasure to work with him and I hope to do much more business together going forward.

Lev Ekster, Esq., National BD Manager at Bowlmor AMF

Fantastic experience working with these guys. We had an important project that needed to be done right and turned around quickly – CNSLT.us came through. They proved to be extremely competent, creative, thorough and trustworthy. It’s hard to find such reliable people these days, and I would fully recommend them.

Jared Feldman, CEO at Mashwork

Keith Petri and CNSLT.us did a fantastic job for WaffleWaffle on a number of different projects, the first being the design and implementation of our website www.mywafflewaffle.com. The planning and design stage was made easy and the final product was exactly what we wanted. Our site is more informative, easier to use, and can be found much faster in search engines than before and I couldn’t be happier with the final outcome. For other projects and ideas that were technology based, Keith was always the first call I made for help and guidance. I fully recommend Keith for all future projects.

Justin Samuels, Managing Partner at WaffleWaffle LLC

Keith has impressed me with the clarity and creativity he brings to each challenge. His technical knowledge, paired with active leadership qualities, will continue to serve us well as we grow our business.

Michael Gifis, Head of Sales at CNSLT.us

I have had the pleasure of working with Keith for a few years. He is among the most professional people I interact with and has me fully convinced that he can do just about anything. A decade from now his LinkedIn profile will be full of impressive accomplishments and strong recommendations.

Christopher Webb, CEO at ChowNow

Keith is a talented and *highly* motivated entrepreneur and business development executive. I’ve gotten to know him over the last several years and is drive and energy and ability to learn and move forward are second to none.

David Levy, EIR at Comcast Ventures

Keith has great insight to the use of social media to craft a personal brand and ways to tap social media to advance one’s job search and career. He is thorough, well prepared, open to suggestions and creative in his approach. I particularly recommend Keith for college age audiences given his keen understanding of the college mindset.

Michael Profita, Author at About.com

We connected with Keith here at Skidmore when — a few weeks before hosting our own ‘Social Media Summit’ for invited faculty and staff — we saw what an outstanding job he was doing with the launch of eBranding Me. We figured that Keith — as a member of the Skidmore College of 2010 — would not only be the perfect person to lead a social-media training session, but would also be able to paint for us a highly authoritative, first-person report on how our young alumni are using these new tools. And we were right. Keith has an astute grasp of the importance of social media both in self-marketing and institutional marketing, and communicates it well. We’re continuing to work with him on an interactive initiative focused on alumni in LinkedIn.

Dan Forbush, Executive Director of Communications at Skidmore College

Keith’s time as president of the Skidmore Photo Club was strong for the club. His leadership transformed the club to a small group of people taking pictures to one of the more well known clubs on campus. Through advertising, clever events and the production of the Skidmore Spur calendar he led the club through a successful year.

Robin Adams, Associate Director of Leadership Activities at Skidmore College