10 Feb

New Year, New Me, Social Brand

Well, we have all had our month long binge of adhering to various New Year’s Resolutions, but I am just gaining momentum with mine.  Over the past year I have immersed myself in the new world defined by the term Social Media.  I am constantly reading e-marketers’ blogs, following influential people on Twitter and even becoming a fan of organizations on Facebook.  Only now am I beginning to feel comfortable enough to start using my own voice – and not 140 characters on Twitter to reiterate someone else’s opinion – in this sector to hopefully offer some insight on current trends, events and news.

My New Year’s Resolution is to develop my name, Keith Petri, into a brand of its own.

I am a senior at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY anxiously awaiting graduation this coming May.  Entering the real world is becoming more and more imminent with each passing lecture.  As I sit here on a relatively busy afternoon I am overwhelmed with the list of networking contacts I hope to reach out to regarding post-graduate employment.  The daunting task of applying for positions that could very well determine my future career path, and ultimately my life as a whole, is hard to comprehend.  However, I am also comfortable knowing that my own entrepreneurial spirit will lend itself to any and all business settings.

This blog will serve as a portal into the digital world which I plan to remain in constant contact with.  Observing and reading material by marketing gurus such as Mitch Joel, Dave Winer, David Siegel, Gerald Haman and Darren Herman has inspired me to become more involved.  Please feel free to reach out and share your thoughts on the topics I choose to discuss or lend advice to a new entrant into the business world.  I look forward to things to come.