12 May

Check Point

It’s official, my undergraduate career has come to an end.  On Monday afternoon I walked out of my last final with an overwhelming sensation of confusion, anxiousness, and most importantly, excitement.  I am entering the next phase of my life, and like many soon-to-be-graduates, I am still planning my future career path.

Unlike most of my peers, I began my post-graduate employment search in mid-October.  After numerous conversations with various Human Resource departments regarding my premature pursuit for gainful employment, I decided to change directions.  The result was a massive networking campaign.  I conducted research about the recent trend in social media, and listened in on the conversation.  The result, well, you’re reading it!

In February 2010, I began participating in various social media outlets ranging from introducing my WordPress blog and Twitter account (@KeithEPetri), to increasing the activity on my LinkedIn.  Furthermore, I designed, coded and published a centralized web space to highlight my online activities and promote my personal brand.  Now, at this milestone in my life, I plan to re-evaluate my online presence.

While the Internet is flooded with information pertaining to managing personal brands (Google Search Results), I feel more confident in my connections to give valuable feedback – it is you who engage with me!  Instead of using free tools or paying for services which we are all familiar with, I would truly appreciate your feedback on my website design, blog posts, Twitter activity, LinkedIn profile and overall online persona.

All feedback is welcome.  Please feel free to email comments (Keith.E.Petri@GMail.com) if you do not feel comfortable posting publicly.  Thank you in advance for your time and help.