16 Sep

Blogging Without Followers

Whether your blog has 20,000 unique visitors/month or just a few close friends and family members, it is an invaluable hobby for you to continue. Blogging is a practice that enables participants to become better writers, storytellers and readers.


In order to maintain a blog an individual must be an expert on their topic. Conducting research is not as easy as it may appear. For a simple post, a blogger may be referencing previously published works from 10 separate blogs on 4 distinct topics from authors specializing in differing fields of study. To successfully pull from these varying sources, many bloggers religiously utilize an RSS reader to organize the feeds from numerous blogs.


Reading the continuous updates from Social Media Today, Mashable and ReadWriteWeb would be a daunting task in and of itself – taking the majority of the workday to complete. However, the addition of other, more specialized blog rolls would make it impossible. Managing when to consume content and create your own becomes a challenge in and of itself.


Practice makes perfect – as they say! Writing blog posts requires a special structure that both captivates an audience’s short attention span and presents insights in a clear argument. Repeating this process on a consistent schedule will allow for you, as a thinker, to fully develop a notion and convey it in a comprehensible manner.

Reading and writing regularly results in a better understanding of the effort and depth of research necessary to complete a thought. It takes a tremendous amount of time to convey an idea with the written word. A practiced blogger becomes a more interesting and smarter person by practicing these skills – improving their life and those around them!


Lastly, the practice of blogging for oneself builds a personal pedigree. A high school or college student, recent graduate or established professional can use a public blog as a means of self-promotion. In addition, the archive of posts published on a blog reflects the blog owner’s growth – a timeline of achievement and personal thoughts along the way.

What does your blog say about your life?


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