27 Oct

eTacts: Build Your Network, We’ll Manage It for You

Social networking sites introduce us to new contacts each and everyday; expanding our network, online reach and unfortunately, making it increasingly difficult to manage our interactions. Enter: eTacts.

eTacts is an easy to use, relationship management software for individuals. The online tool remembers your latest contact with individuals within your network, so you don’t have to!

I was first introduced to eTacts a few months ago, and check it every few days. The user-interface is quite simple after the initial set-up. Link your eTacts account to your Gmail account, Facebook profile, Twitter handle and LinkedIn and watch your contacts populate the Dashboard.

Click on the image to enlarge.

The information gathered by eTacts is limited to the “Header” of your emails; protecting your privacy by ignoring your emails’ content and attachments. The result is a grid of information informing the user of their most recent interaction with a specific contact, when they first began communicating, how many times they have exchanged words in the past, which social networking sites they are connected to and options to set reminders to stay in touch.

Why should YOU use eTacts?

  1. It shows who you lost touch with.
  2. It lets you set reminders to stay in touch with people.
  3. It helps you get back in touch meaningfully by giving you relevant content about your relationships with people, such as the last emails you exchanged, or their recent status updates.

Finally, eTacts has recently released an updated version of their Gmail Plug-In. The tool, displayed to the right of your email in a browser window, displays all of the relevant contact information for the person you are emailing with! In addition, the window displays the social networking accounts you are connected on, as well as your shared connections; which could provide some valuable context for your email message. There is no such thing as being too informed!

Networking online just became that much easier. Let eTacts do the work for you!