29 Oct

Weekly Wrap Up – 10.29.10

The “Weekly Wrap Up” post is published every Friday and highlights the concluding week’s activities and events through text, images and video. I hope you enjoy and encourage you to subscribe via RSS and/or Email.

I consider myself to be an artist. However, while growing up I have become more and more distant from my original aspirations to create paintings and cartoons as my occupation. While I still use my graphic design skills for my marketing efforts and creating user-friendly websites, I am not creating art in a similar fashion as compared to my childhood.

From finger paintings to pen and inks, I was always working with my hands and transferring visual designs from my creative mind to their permanent place on a piece of paper or canvas. In the fifth grade I decided to create a Super 8 film for Coca Cola. A drink I have always loved and continue to enjoy to this day.

Words cannot explain the following clip. After finding the digital copy on my hard drive earlier this week, I knew that I must share this creation with my readers. Enjoy!

NOTE: This film is unedited from the time I filmed it in 5th Grade. The spelling mistakes add to the creativity.