11 Apr

THINQACTION | Transform Potential into Performance

Antonio Neves is anything but a typical advisor. It was during the first week of 2011 that I was introduced to Antonio, my now advisor and more importantly, friend.

Antonio Neves enabled me to focus on my priorities, set clear short-term goals and accomplish my dreams. As a personal advisor, Antonio became the voice of reason behind all of my business and life decisions. The THINQACTION program took me from a young professional to a self-sustaining entrepreneur. The personal knowledge I accumulated from Antonio’s guidance will act as the building blocks of all my future ventures.

More important than his impressive qualifications, Antonio practices what he preaches. His recently announced advisory program aims to empower twenty-somethings in the media industry to unleash their creativity and achieve career success.

As the THINQACTION website states, “He’s the guy who’s been there, done that and is still doing it at the highest level.”

Check out Antonio’s personal website, THINQACTION web page and blog. And to see some of his past work view the following Award Winning Broadcast Journalist Reel: