02 Nov

Watchitoo | MeetingPro Collaboration Platform

Watchitoo is a relatively young company creating a platform that enables its users to combine the social aspect of Instant Messaging with content platforms such as YouTube – allowing for members to share engaging content with their peers in private space online.

Watchitoo is updating its platform and releasing a new platform that will revolutionize virtual meetings and online collaboration between virtual workers: MeetingPro Collaboration. The new tool will enable its users to meet in the online space for business purposes, social interactions, family reunions and allow for interactive webinars of varying sizes. The following post will outline just a few of the features now available; quoted from a Watchitoo email campaign.


Our layout feature will ensure that your meetings consistently look professional-grade by intelligently adjusting the size and position of content in your meetings every time you add something new to share, or stream in a new video feed.

Content Sharing
You will be able to share and collaborate in real-time around nearly any form of rich media including Documents, PowerPoints, PDF’s, HD videos, and more!

The new MeetingPro collaboration platform can support up to 25 people simultaneously streaming into your webinar while thousands more can be logged in and watching live.

Embed the Watchitoo collaboration platform into you website, customize it to match your branding, and deliver your webinar on your own website.

We’ve added tons more features like meeting recordings, screen sharing, and more that will make your next webinar a success.


As Jennifer Van Grove stated in a post on Mashable, the concept behinds Watitoo’s social platform is “becoming [a] popular way to create real-time shared experiences happening around notable events.” Grove continued on to state that she “believe[d] that shared experiences will continue to trend in this direction.” I could not agree more. With the introduction of social tools such as GetGlue, Philo and Tunerfish, everyday activities are becoming shared experiences with individual’s expanded online networks.

All I know is that Watchitoo allows for me to stay in touch with groups of friends, hold virtual meetings with business contacts and present online seminars for eBranding Me’s audience. It is a customizable web tool for social interactions that can be utilized in any number of situations.

How do you plan on capitalizing on this free tool?