11 Nov

The Unreasonable Institute | Secure Your Success

The Unreasonable Institute is a mentoring program for entrepreneurs who wish to pursue ventures that will undoubtedly improve the lives of millions of people on a global scale.

The Unreasonable Institute hopes to “accelerate ventures that future generations will remember as having defined progress in our time.” From examining the results of the 2010 fellows it is clear that the Unreasonable Institute provides its participants with the skills needed to succeed; 60% have secured or been offered the funding they were looking for.

The institute is currently searching for the next 25 entrepreneurs to enroll in their 2011 summer program, and will continue to accept applications through November 30th. Applicants who qualify to become a finalist in their selection process are required to raise the funds to cover the cost of attending the Unreasonable Institute ($10,000) through their online Finalist Marketplace by soliciting small contributions from the applicant’s network.

If you are interested in applying, I encourage you to become more familiar with their program by reviewing the following online resources:

  • Read What Fellows Get at the 2011 Institute
  • Read an Overview of the 2011 Institute
  • Check out our Eligibility Criteria
  • And learn about their Selection Process

Potential applicants can also watch the following, 3-minute, informative video:

The World’s Most Unreasonable Trailer from Unreasonable Institute on Vimeo.

If your life aspirations align with The Unreasonable Institute’s objectives, then don’t overlook this opportunity…


  1. Create effective, internationally scalable solutions to the biggest global challenges of our time.
  2. Support the international collaboration of the world’s most promising entrepreneurs.
  3. Educate Unreasonable Fellows in the most innovative principles of entrepreneurship & equip them with integral skills, support, & financing.
  4. Elicit an international community of the world’s most innovative investors, entrepreneurs and thought leaders… what we like to call the International League of Unreasonables.
  5. Ensure that Boulder, Colorado is recognized an international hub for innovation and entrepreneurship.
  6. Work relentlessly and have fun doing it.