26 Aug

Unigo: College Uncensored

It is officially that time of year again. As high school seniors begin to search for the college of their dreams, they are faced with the challenge of determining which of the thousands of learning institutions is right for them.

Unigo provides its readers with unbiased opinions of colleges from actual college students. Unigo is a channel for a university’s students to tell you what the admissions office won’t!

Through an easy to use interface, the Unigo website publishes reviews, photos and videos from past and present students. The founder, Jordan Goldman, created the site after his experience at Wesleyan College was nothing like what he expected:

“I first started getting involved in college [reviews] when I was a freshman at Wesleyan. After the first week or two, I realized that the experience that I was having was very different from the one or two encapsulations I had read. I didn’t really know how to put together a company, but I had this idea that we needed a lot more information about colleges and it needed to come directly from the students. Everyone [at Unigo] is a recent college graduate and really care about how this process is handled. We think that it can be done a lot better!”

The Unigo system creates a framework where hundreds of thousands of students participate in their service to take back the perceptions of their schools. In essence, a high school student will be able to learn what it is truly like to attend a certain university and live in its residence halls by researching the institution on the Unigo site. This will result in a better fit for both parties: students will find the college campus that will enable them to excel, and students with similar values and beliefs will populate the college.

In addition to Unigo’s college reviews, the site offers invaluable resources for the college application process. It provides its visitors with articles and videos addressing some of the Frequently Asked Questions a student and/or parent may have about applications, acceptance procedures and general college life.

Unigo is a site that should be bookmarked by all current high school students and parents of students thinking about attending college. If you are like most of my readers, and don’t fit into either of these categories – ahem, recent college graduates – then I encourage you to visit the site’s page dedicated to your alma mater and contribute a written or video review. Share your college experience to help others make a tough decision!

See the following video for an example student submitted video review of Tufts University:

The next clip represents a video description of the pros and cons of Greek Life (at the University of Illinois):


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