12 Nov

Weekly Wrap Up – 11.12.10

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I have always been drawn to the arts. Ever since childhood I have been known to be a creative thinker, easily able to express my emotions through artwork. Whether I was finger painting in Woodstock on a weekend or photographing ruins of ancient civilizations along the coastline of the Mediterranean Sea, I was always creating art.

This passion led to one of my first entrepreneurial ventures: Keith Petri | Design & Photography. While enrolled at Tenafly High School I established myself as a sports and theatre photographer. By covering events with high attendance rates among parents, I was able to secure paying gigs for local families and small businesses. Eventually, North Jersey Media Group and Wainscot Media hired me as a freelance photographer.

While I have not focused on growing my photography business for quite some time, I use my artistic eye on a daily basis for my personal blog (www.KeithPetri.com), business website (www.eBranding.Me) and clients’ marketing campaigns. While roaming the Internet yesterday, I came across Joey Lawrence’s work and was, needless to say, taken back.

Joey Lawrence, now in his early 20’s, entered the photography industry at a staggering 16 years old. Since, he has released two products for other young photographers aimed at improving their craft. While I have not personally purchased the instructional videos, I can only assume they are filled with Joey’s personal advice on how to properly capture a moment in time in a dynamic, well lit, and most importantly, intriguing image.

Watch the following video for a brief introduction into Joey’s world; the way he views it, through a lens…

Sessions With Joey L – Tutorial Preview from Joey L on Vimeo.

In addition, I highly encourage my readers to watch the following clip. If you have been exposed to the photography industry, you are well aware of the ongoing debate between the two top manufacturers: Nikon and Canon. My only comment: at least I don’t use a Pentax!

NSFW (Strong Language)