15 Nov

Diapers and Soap | Amazon’s Latest Acquisition

I am an advocate of Amazon.com. I order products from their e-commerce website on a weekly basis  and have not experienced a problem. Their most recent acquisition of Quidsi will undoubtedly only improve their shipping services and customer service.

Scott Hilton, the Executive VP of Operations for Quidsi, makes it clear that a customer’s experience shipping on one of their e-commerce websites is extremely important. “When a customer places that first order, we really want them to think, ‘Why would I place an order any differently?’ ”

Amazon’s recent acquisition of Quidsi will enable the well-established consumer product provider the ability to deliver its customers’ orders even faster. Quidsi depends on specially designed algorithms to control robots in its warehouses to determine the most efficient shipping container and shipping companies to maximize margins.

Watch the following video clip to learn about how Soap.com and Diapers.com are changing the rules on overnight shipping.

After refusing Wal-Mart’s acquisition offer, Quidsi accepted Amazon’s $540 million. Included in the agreement, Quidsi’s co-founders, Marc Lore and Vinnie Bharara, have agreed to stay with the company for a few years under Amazon’s ownership. It will be interesting to see how Amazon’s latest acquisition effects its current stellar customer service and user experience.