29 Nov

Thanksgiving Reflection

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Well, another Thanksgiving has passed and the 2010 Holiday Season is in full swing. I have been reflecting on how the meaning of certain annual events can change meaning throughout one’s life.

When I was a child in K-12, Thanksgiving used to mean the first round of gifts from my relatives and nearing of Hanukah and Christmas. I was thankful for the generosity of my immediate family and took the opportunity to give back to my community by volunteering at shelters and food banks.

Once I was an undergraduate, Thanksgiving meant traveling home, reconnecting with High School friends, dreading upcoming finals and of course, eating a home cooked meal. I was thankful for the break from academia, seeing familiar faces and enjoying life. The saying is true, “College is the best four years of your life!”

Now, as an adult and working in the real world, Thanksgiving is a time of relaxation in between the heavy demands of work and the restless month of January that is encompassed by Hanukah, Christmas and Kwanza – ending the slew of company holiday parties and culminating with New Years Eve celebrations.

This year, I am most thankful for the opportunities that my life has granted me as well as a strong support system. In addition to my parents, immediate family and close friends, there are numerous others whom email me weekly with support in response to my personal blog, www.KeithPetri.com, and business website, www.eBranding.Me.

Thank you.