14 Mar

Key Ring Rewards Card

Do you have a cluttered wallet? Do you find it annoying to carry around all those rewards cards? Well, Mobestream Media has created an application that solves one of your everyday hassles. Key Ring is a mobile application that enables users to store their existing loyalty cards on their smartphone, join new programs and instantly receive offers and coupons.

I have been using the free app on my iPhone for a few months and find it to be a convenience – when it works. Unfortunately some of the smaller national chains and individual mom-and-pop shop loyalty program barcodes do not always work flawlessly. Luckily I have not switched over to rely 100% on my iPhone and still carry around a few of the traditional/old-fashioned plastic cards.

“Key Ring’s sophisticated business platform enables the creation of new loyalty programs for any size business and can extend the capabilities of an existing program through mobile enrollment and real-time offer distribution.”

The simple application serves a valuable function for the average consumer and offers small businesses the opportunity to provide their loyal customers discounts for their continual patronage. Other features include:

  • View, print, edit, and share cards online at keyringapp.com
  • Lifetime backup of cards
  • Digitally clip coupons in-app for 30 major grocery chains
  • Restore your cards on any iPhone and android smart phone.
  • http://keyringapp.com/

Additional Business Features:

  • Create offers via the online Key Ring business portal
  • Distribute offers to your user base in real-time with push notifications
  • View program analytics in real-time (offers redeemed, offer sentiment, member profiles)
  • http://keyringapp.com/business

I highly recommend checking out the app for yourself – utilizing it as a convenience or an additional marketing tool for your business. With over 2,000,000 users to date and nearly 10,000 new accounts opened daily, you won’t be alone.

And finally, if you think Key Ring Reward Card is deserving of the CTIA Emerging Technology Award, vote here!