06 Jun

Fear of Failure

Let’s be blunt. Everyone has ideas. Everyone wishes they could create the next Facebook; or even the next hot iPhone app. As Seth Godin clearly states in his most recent publication, people must begin to poke the box and take action to achieve their goals, hopes and dreams – otherwise, you might as well throw in the towel to corporate America.

A video by Milton Glaser on the fear of failure summarizes this point quite nicely. Individuals strive to become recognized – recognized for their achievements and ability to complete a task well, over and over again. Unfortunately, an individual eventually becomes bored and uninterested when repeating the same task and becomes unhappy. He/she only remains happy, fulfilled and content by avoiding the risk of failure. While financial success is achieved by finding a task, a specialized and unique offering, which differentiates you from your peers, “you cannot fail, thus you cannot discover!”

So, what are you afraid of? It could be the risk of failure. Or possibly what other people may think when you take an untraditional career path. Or, maybe you cannot justify the financial risk of pursuing a dream sans a steady paycheck.

Have you tried something recently that you were not confident enough in your ability to complete? It may even be something simple. As Glaser concludes, “We must embrace failure and admit it when it happens. Otherwise, we simply will never subject yourself to the possibility that you are not as good as you want to be, hope to be or as others think you are.”

Don’t make excuses. Don’t blame others who take risks. “Embrace the failure” and create on your own.

Thanks to Antonio Neves of THINQACTION for referring me to this video.