25 Aug

Who makes me work?

Since graduating I have worked for myself. I don’t chose to sit in a coffee shop or a lonesome apartment with a laptop; I invest in a co-working space. I do this so I feel motivated.

As I sit here in my office at WeWork on 5th Ave – right across the street from the Empire State Building in midtown – I can see fellow coworkers busy at work. Some spend their time designing a new product, others are determining the best go-to-market strategy and a few coordinate between buyers and sellers. Regardless of his or her industry everyone has a singular goal: to succeed.

Antonio Neves, author of Student Athlete 101 and founder of THINQACTION, recently blogged about Positive Peer Pressure. “People are power,” and surrounding yourself with a strong support system where perfection is strived for and motivation is plentiful is necessary to achieve success.

The co-working environment enables me to build my businesses. I may not be accountable to a corporate boss, but just as I can observe my neighbors, my neighbors observe me.

Who motivates you?