05 Mar

CNSLT.in | Restaurant Online Reputation Management

This post was originally published on the CNSLT.us blog to announce a new product.

Many restaurant owners and managers never know when their customers are dissatisfied, and if they do, it is often too late.  CNSLT.us has recently determined a way to minimize customer dissatisfaction and negative online reviews. We are proud to introduce, CNSLT.in.

CNSLT.in provides customers with a channel to voice frustration, and allows restaurant staff to resolve problems quickly before the damage can spread over social networks and review sites.  With CNSLT.in, restaurant staff will know of a problem before the customer leaves the table instead of waiting to see a one-star review on Yelp or before that customer can tell their friends to avoid the restaurant.

Even the most customer-centric restaurants focused on service will have a handful of customers that do not leave feeling completely satisfied.  It’s the nature of the business.  The key is to catch the problems and resolve them early before damage can be done.  Most customers with a complaint do not voice their opinion because they feel it is not worth the effort and will instead just stop visiting the restaurant.  CNSLT.in solves that problem by offering an incredibly easy way for customers to provide feedback that alerts staff quickly.

The Power of Resolution

After customers register complaints, almost 70% of those customers will give a business another shot if the complaint is resolved.  Furthermore, over 95% of customers will come back if the complain is resolved quickly.  In terms of customer retention, it pays to take care of dissatisfaction quickly.  People appreciate being treated with respect and feeling that they are important to the business.

Controlling Negative Word of Mouth

Complaints must also be taken care of to avoid the harmful effects of negative word of mouth.  If a complaint is resolved, the customer will tell an average of five people about the great treatment they received.  On the other hand, the average dissatisfied customer will gripe to eleven people!

These figures only account for actual conversations between people and leaves out social media and review sites.  With the growing power of consumers thanks to sites like Yelp and Urbanspoon, word of mouth is no longer a conversation among friends, it is public information that lives on indefinitely.  Today, one negative review can influence people for as long as your business exists.

According to a study by Michael Luca of the Harvard Business School, improving your Yelp score by one star will result in a boost of 5-9% in revenue.  Your online reputation and your bottom line are inextricably linked.  Take care of your online reputation and protect your restaurant’s ability to be financially healthy.

It is CNSLT.in’s goal to minimize the chances of your establishment receiving a negative review while simultaneously improving the likelihood of your loyal patrons changing into brand evangelists across all online social networks.

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