25 Sep

When it Comes to Reach – Accuracy Counts

Published in Mobile Marketing Watch
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It appears that Facebook has some imaginary friends. That is, according to industry analyst Brian Wieser of Pivotal Research Group, who recently called out Facebook for misleading the market on what its actual reach is. According to Faceb...

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05 Mar

CNSLT.in | Restaurant Online Reputation Management

This post was originally published on the CNSLT.us blog to announce a new product.

Many restaurant owners and managers never know when their customers are dissatisfied, and if they do, it is often too late.  CNSLT.us has recently determined a way to minimize customer dissatisfaction and negati...

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11 Nov

21st Century Restaurant | Online Reputation Management

Most small businesses are faced with many of the same problems. Perhaps the most pernicious is the missing 25th hour in a day. The introduction of new technology and various platforms to market a service or product does not help the situation.

Restaurants are especially bombarded by new ways t...

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