09 Feb

It’s Not Just How Much, But Where and When We’re Connected That Matters

Published in Mobile Marketer
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The amount of time consumers spend on connected devices like mobile phones, tablets and connected TVs is increasing every year. According to eMarketer, the average American now spends 12 hours and 7 minutes each day behind one screen or another ...

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03 Mar

Paving New Roads at Human Demand

Over the past year I have acted as the SVP of Business Development at eDealya, which is a technology that enables marketers to respond to social intent with an in-context, on-time, and relevant mobile advertisement. My time at eDealya has been challenging and rewarding, but it’s time for me to mo...

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11 Nov

21st Century Restaurant | Online Reputation Management

Most small businesses are faced with many of the same problems. Perhaps the most pernicious is the missing 25th hour in a day. The introduction of new technology and various platforms to market a service or product does not help the situation.

Restaurants are especially bombarded by new ways t...

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