16 Apr
Inappropriate Tweet

A Need to Educate Students on E-Safety

The “Internet [has] transformed typical adolescent behavior – cliquish snubs, macho boasts, sexual flirtations, claims about drinking and drugs – into something not only public, but also permanent” stated a recent New York Times article Teaching About Web Includes Troublesome Parts by Stephanie C...

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25 Mar

Liberal Arts Feeding the Right-Brain?

Is a liberal arts education perceived as a positive or negative by a future employer? Being a near graduate at Skidmore College, a liberal arts institution in Saratoga Springs, NY, I would hope the former.

A liberal arts education entails a basic understanding of all subjects resulting in gen...

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03 Mar

Single or Unemployed?

The commonalities between dating and the search for employment have been referenced time and time again.  This past week I attended an Etiquette Dinner arranged by Skidmore College.  The Board of Alumni attended as experts in the field of the Dos & Don’ts of networking.  While I enjoyed the c...

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20 Feb

Networking, A College Graduate’s Nightmare

Current college seniors, myself included, are being given the difficult task of securing post-graduate employment during the largest economic downturn since the Great Depression. Family, friends, professors, the media and online groups recommend the utilization of networking to aid in the dauntin...

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