17 Feb

lockrMail | email on your terms

We believe in tools that can simplify processes, drive efficiency, and foster productivity. We believe in consumer choice, data privacy, and continuous improvement. We believe that technology can be an instrument for positive change.

We are building lockrMail because email is broken. Increasin...

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22 Feb

GDPR is Fast Approaching: Are You Ready?

Published on ExchangeWire
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A new era of enhanced online privacy is around the bend. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), an update to the 95 Privacy Directive, which is currently the law throughout the EU, will explicitly hold accountable any marketer that ‘utilise...

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06 Feb

It’s Not Solved, and It’s Not Easy

Published in MarTech Series
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In the last year, we’ve seen some high profile acquisitions in the cross-device space that have proven out the importance of cross-device identification, or at least that identity resolution companies are ripe for the picking. The rationale beh...

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