25 May

All Systems Go | Launch Day

Almost a year ago to the day, I published Why lockr? on my blog announcing my latest business venture. Now, 364 days later, I am thrilled to announce that we are publicly launching lockrMail on Product Hunt today.

As a product obsessed entrepreneur with a decade of experience across advertising technology and digital privacy regulation, I built lockr with a new lens: privacy-centric technology that services the consumer. lockrMail introduces a necessary lever for consumer consent into the email marketing funnel.

Earlier this year, I shared further details about the development of the lockrMail product. A pre-filter for your inbox, the lockrMail solution is intended to help consumers regain control of their email.

lockrMail is:

  • Seamless: compatible with all email clients and complementary to your email regimen.
  • Customizable: under your control, with dynamic features that you can use how you choose.
  • Mobile optimized: useful wherever you check email — on your desktop or on the go.
  • Consumer-oriented: built for the consumer as the primary stakeholder.
  • Privacy-focused: a solution that does not scan your inbox, scrape your personal emails or sell your data.

For a full intro to the lockrMail product and demo of our unique features, check-out this short video:

While we typically have a waitlist for lockrMail, for today only (in celebration of our Product Hunt launch!) we are offering instant access. Simply visit our launch page on Product Hunt and click the link to snag your preferred username while it’s still available (Don’t forget to upvote us while you’re there!).

To allow for an easy onboarding experience, I will personally be hosting product demos next week (times and registration will be shared in an email early next week).

Thank you for your support and I look forward to hearing your feedback on lockrMail!