17 Feb

lockrMail | email on your terms

We believe in tools that can simplify processes, drive efficiency, and foster productivity. We believe in consumer choice, data privacy, and continuous improvement. We believe that technology can be an instrument for positive change.

We are building lockrMail because email is broken. Increasingly, brands are using email as their primary marketing channel and inboxes have become inundated with promotional offers. As consumers, we have lost control, and we are sacrificing our right to privacy and our most precious limited resource — time.

Email is our portal to the outside world. Once, it was a way to keep up with friends, connect with family, conduct business. Now, it is an endless repository of receipts, shipping confirmations, newsletters and advertisements.

The value exchange of the internet has always been an implicit understanding of advertising for content. We receive access to subsidized services in exchange for our online data and targeted web marketing: this is the basis of a free and open internet. But consumers never had a seat at the table when this value exchange was negotiated. And at the beginning, it never included the provisioning of Personally Identifiable Information.

You may recall the movie You’ve Got Mail and the sheer excitement that an email notification evoked. Somewhere along the line, we lost the joy of email and it became a burden — a daily, constant task that we can barely keep up with. It’s time to redefine the email experience. lockrMail is the future and we’re here to bring simplicity and control back to your inbox.

lockrMail is not intended to replace your email client; rather it is an additional tool in your email arsenal — a pre-filtering solution that perfectly complements your regular email routine.

Inspired by our own email habits, we built lockrMail to be:

  1. Seamless: compatible with all email clients and complementary to your email regimen.
  2. Customizable: under your control, with dynamic features that you can use how you choose.
  3. Mobile optimized: useful wherever you check email — on your desktop or on the go.
  4. Consumer-oriented: built for the consumer as the primary stakeholder.
  5. Privacy-focused: a solution that does not scan your inbox, scrape your personal emails or sell your data.

We know the impact that endless scrolling, decision fatigue and information overload can have on our brains. In an increasingly fast-paced and digital world, lockrMail is the tool we need to revolutionize our relationship with email.

lockrMail is currently in beta. Sign up for our waitlist here!