16 Jul

Weekly Wrap Up – 7.16.10

I will be hosting a new series on my personal blog on every Friday. The post will highlight the concluding weeks activities highlighting any events through text, images and video. I hope you enjoy and encourage you to subscribe via RSS and/or Email.

It is early Friday morning and I am sitting in an apartment in South West D.C. with a clear line of site to the Washington Monument. The apartment belongs to a friend from college who is currently working for a think tank in this political Mecca.

Mind you, I started this week in New York City after my brief trip to Boston, MA. On Friday night, the 9th of July, I celebrated my brothers 24th birthday with friends and family. After dinner at Novita (102 East 22nd Street) we enjoyed the beers on tap at “Standings Bar” in the East Village (43 East 7th Street).

Brooklyn Bridge from Rooftop Downtown

The GenJuice NYC event was held on Saturday at Greenspaces co-working space on the South end of the island. The event was a great success where I was, yet again, able to connect with many driven individuals. Our keynote speaker Reshma Saujani spoke on her plans for propelling New York City innovation and why it’s important for everyone to contribute to build as entrepreneurs. Reshma is currently running for office in New York’s 14th Congressional District.

Fast forward to Monday, the GenJuice team and I spent the day working at IndieHall. The majority of my day was spent catching up on the current expansion of eBranding Me. I have been successfully working with Under30CEO, KODA, Miller Mosaic Power Marketing, Magnetic Webworks, and many others. I am currently solidifying relationships with Social Mention and Tech Academy.

I would also like to thank BizyMoms for their help in promoting the eBranding Me and Miller Mosaic Power Marketing series, “How to Use Social Media to Get Your Dream Job.”

Finally, GenJuice held an amazing event with around 50 attendees at Affinity Labs in Washington D.C.. Having two locations in the capital city, Affinity Labs has 67 members and is still growing. Keynote speaker, Peter Corbett, the CEO of iStrategy Labs gave an amazing speech on his journey as an entrepreneur. Stating that when an individual is a true entrepreneur, he or she must try a lot of things. He continues on, “I think you should try and break as many things as you can!”

Peter Corbett – Keynote Speaker at GenJuice D.C.

I now have a few meetings before a long drive back to New York City. However, I encourage you to spend some time reading over these brief descriptions of some of the amazing companies I am currently working with. And look forward to an interesting blog post on “Dating in the Digital Age” and a new feature on the eBranding Me site – next week!


KODA is building an online community that introduces young professionals to the world’s employers and job opportunities.    Candidate profiles let employers learn about young professionals’ unique attributes – the characteristics that typically aren’t revealed until the interview process begins.  In turn, employers can provide a complete picture of their organization, culture, and strategic differences on their own profile pages.  We’re striving to create engagement that will help entry-level job seekers build the professional reputations that they are just beginning to create.

Miller Mosaic Power Marketing and Magnetic Webworks have a collaboration in which Magnetic Webworks builds WordPress websites/blogs and Miller Mosaic provides social media coaching/consulting.  For more information on WordPress websites see http://budurl.com/ultrapro and for information on the Miller Mosaic social media monthly mentorship program see http://budurl.com/joinmmic

BizyMoms has been catering to the Work at Home business woman and mom for over 12 years. Throughout the years the website has expanded into many areas striving to provide information on various areas of life that directly affects moms, women and their families. Though called Bizymoms the website also provides to the businessman, dad, grandfather and really welcomes anyone who is in search of some good information on a chosen topic available.


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