02 Sep

GenJuice Teaches You How to Achieve: BRAND ROCKSTARDOM

Earlier this week, the GenJuice team released a SlideShare presentation outlining “how you can get ‘there’ as a nobody.” The following is a brief overview sprinkled with some personal insights, followed by the embedded presentation.

DISCLAIMER: I was the Community Manager for the GenJuice tour and support the organization’s views and initiatives. However, I took no part in compiling, editing or promoting the “Brand Rockstardom” presentation referenced below.

The GenJuice tour took place earlier this summer as an attempt to unite Generation Y innovators and entrepreneurs across the nation. As highlighted in their presentation below, they achieved some impressive results:

  • 300 + Word of Mouth Evangelists
  • 18,000 + Fans/Followers
  • 35,000 + Individuals Touched
  • 286,000 + Blog Impressions
  • 750,000 + Total Video Views

Needless to say, the statistics speak for themselves. The GenJuice team properly utilized social media as a means to promote themselves and their services. They aim to share some of the “secrets-to-success” with their audience. Listed below are their 6 lessons to gaining recognition:

  1. Take Your Time
  2. Pick Your Instruments
  3. Set a Fan Goal
  4. Build an Entourage
  5. Get Off Line
  6. Learn

As a social media consultant, I could not agree more. When instructing clients and institutions as to the first steps of social media, I clearly outline very similar landmarks. I’ll address a few in further detail, below.

Pick You Instruments
Social Media is ever expanding. Naturally, as with many technical fields, it is next to impossible to stay ahead of the game. Attempting to create and maintain a presence across ALL social media channels would be impractical. For the general user (let’s say a Generation Y student interested in career advancement), I would recommend creating a blog to act as a hub of all online activity. Each social media channel he or she becomes involved in is directly link to the hub – do you get my airline analogy yet? For starters, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are the essential 3 spokes – have you ever seen a wheel with less than 3 spokes?

Build an Entourage
A business or individual is only as strong as their network. Have you ever heard, “I have a guy for that.” Well, it is a pretty powerful tool. Building relationships is vital – think Friending on Facebook and Connections on LinkedIn. What value are those fans/followers if they don’t interact with one another. Introducing friends, family and co-workers that may be able to develop mutually beneficial relationships label you a networker. They will return the favor.

Get Off Line
I think this suggestion is pretty straightforward. In case you need me to drill in the value of offline, face-to-face communication more, visit the following blog posts:

For the full presentation, enjoy the SlideShare:

Lastly, remember “social media is just a baby. There are no experts. Just people willing to learn and evolve with it.”


–        GenJuice – Link
–        SlideShare – Link