29 Mar

Data Freshness is at the Core of Cross-Device Accuracy

Published on Mobile Marketing Watch
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At Screen6, we have long believed that the solutions in place for cross-device tracking require a fresh set of eyes. It is important that the entire industry that has become reliant on cross-device identification, from buyers to sellers t...

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04 Mar

2014 Overview of Mobile Opportunities for Data Management Platforms (DMPs)

Itโ€™s 2014 and nearly everything is described as data-driven. From marketing to recruitment, all actives are quantified and leveraged in an algorithm to optimize a future, repetitive action. Data-centric strategies minimize waste and provide a competitive advantage.

Data Management Platforms (D...

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03 Mar

Paving New Roads at Human Demand

Over the past year I have acted as the SVP of Business Development at eDealya, which is a technology that enables marketers to respond to social intent with an in-context, on-time, and relevant mobile advertisement. My time at eDealya has been challenging and rewarding, but itโ€™s time for me to mo...

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