19 Aug

End the Summer Employed

It has been over two months since the Class of 2010 graduated. While some are employed and settling into their entry-level positions, others are slowly eating away at their savings accounts.

My theory is simple; my peers who are working entry-level positions post graduation dedicate a minimum of 40 hours/week to work. Thus, as an entrepreneur starting my own business post-graduation, I do the same.

My peers are sometimes required to work late on weeknights and are sometimes asked to work weekends as well. This unfortunately interrupts their previously arranged plans and affects their social lives. While I do not have a boss, I am sometimes faced with having to do the same.

To my point, if you are a recent graduate and still unemployed, you need to replicate this work ethic by doing your due diligence on your job search.

It is your job to find a job!

It will take a minimum of 40 hours/week tailoring cover letters and resumes, applying to organizations in need of entry-level workers and attending networking events to extend your network to secure gainful employment. Only once you have a job should you be treating yourself to nights out with friends and movies with your significant other.

LinkedIn is a great place to start. It is necessary to fill in all possible information describing yourself and past work experiences. Try to complete your profile 100%. This requires acquiring 3 recommendations. See my post titled “Summer Lovin’ – Happened So Fast,” for tips on asking a prior employer to be a reference.

For other useful tools to aid in your job search, I recommend reading “10 Job Search Tips.” See below for links.

So tell me: What did you accomplish this week to take a step in the right direction?


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