09 Dec

Job Start 101

Job Start 101 is an online initiative by Business Roundtable and the HR Policy Association. Hosted by Alexandra Levit, a nationally recognized author and speaker, the online webinar acts as a course to supplement material not taught to college graduates while in school. Do you have the skills to succeed in today’s modern workplace?

The Job Start 101 course consists of a series of video modules followed by a review question. Participants can download and print out a workbook to help prepare for success in post-college employment. The activities coincide with the six video segments:

  • How to Establish Your Online Brand
  • How to Develop a Workplace Persona
  • How to Build Work Relationships
  • How to Manage Your Emotions and Stay Positive
  • How to Solve Problems
  • How to Drive Your Career

While eBranding Me’s blog and curriculum found online and at seminars can help a Generation Y young professional develop a strong personal brand, the Job Start 101 course provides many valuable insights on how to become a well-rounded contributor to your organization. Take the time to sit down and complete the hour-long course. Learn something new on a Saturday afternoon!