08 Mar

Liquidspace | Find a Great Space to Work Now

Nearly 375 million professionals are classified as mobile workers and require a coffee shop, shared workspace or other environment on a daily basis. In essence almost anywhere will do – as long as there is WiFi available and an outlet for power! Unfortunately, many of the most popular places become distraction prone, noisy and most importantly, unproductive. Who hasn’t experienced Startbuck’s WiFi dropping their connection?

Enter Liquidspace; a startup deemed the airbnb of office space by ReadWriteWeb. Launching on the eve of SXSW in Austin, TX, Liquid space is counting on techies to utilize their iPhone & iPad app to find locations to meet near the week long tech event.

Liquidspace’s main goal: to help individuals find office space, wherever and whenever they are! The application has a simple interface allowing for users to input variables ranging from meeting in public or private, number of people participating, distance from your current location and amenities available (i.e. WiFi, power, etc).

I am a mobile worker and find myself disappointed in many small businesses that offer free public WiFi, even after I shell out $5 for a burnt cup of coffee. Furthermore, I personally feel that many co-working spaces are over-priced and under deliver. I have a feeling that for day-to-day business and the occasional meeting, Liquidspace is going to become my go-to app.

How can you utilize the space around you?

Here is my list:

–        Hold CNSLT.us meetings in private meeting rooms
–        Complete day-to-day business tasks at public work-space
–        Ditch my local Starbucks and see what else is available in my upcoming travels

See the following video for a screen cast of the service: