11 Feb

Updates 2.11.11 | Weekly Wrap Up

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I wanted to take this Friday’s Weekly Wrap Up post to announce some exciting new projects and partnerships.

Solutions for Change in Education
The Economic Achievement Gap | No End in Site

“Being a recent graduate working closely with higher education institutions in the field of employment has given me the opportunity to examine the current state of the education system from a unique perspective. My peers are recent graduates struggling to secure jobs in our weakened economy. Unfortunately, the universities from which we just left, after accumulating substantial student loan debt, are not doing their part. This series of white papers, Solutions for Change in Education, hopes to shed light on the shortcomings of career services departments and highlight potential solutions. This is a call to action for the education system in America.”

Download the first paper today!


Vizibility’s innovative approach, called PreSearch™, is a proactive strategy where users pre-select the information they want displayed in search results. Through a simple wizard, the Vizibility service makes it a snap for users to quickly create and share the optimal Google search for themselves and their companies. Vizibility’s patent-pending service provides users with a free, permanent SeachMe link and button which return just these results. This PreSearch can be added easily to online profiles, websites, resumes, email signatures, business cards and anywhere else they have to be visible.

I became interested in Vizibility because of the obvious application for my clients at eBranding Me. However, after meeting with Founder & CEO James Alexander earlier this week, I began to see the added value this simple tool will bring to many current students, young professionals and seasoned businessmen. For a great overview of the product, its history and a sneak peak at some of the company’s plans for expansion, watch the following interview below.